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Why is White Light Smile! the safest, most cost-effective and efficacious method for bleaching teeth?

White Light Smile for night and day whitening is still one of the fastest, safest and effective tooth whitening system on the market. This professional teeth whitening  is also the number one trusted by the American Dental Association and number one used product by dentists. Here is our whitening application guide:


Brush and floss teeth prior to wearing the tray. To dispense whitening material, first break off the cap by using a twisting motion. Retain the cap for re-use. Place a thin line of White Light Smile Tooth Whitening gel along the front base in the whitening tray. Replace cap on syringe. Each syringe contains approximately 3-5 treatments.

Insert whitening tray in the mouth over the teeth. Seat the tray firmly agains teeth.

Wipe excess material from the gum or oral tissue with your finger or toothbrush. Wear the tray with gel throughout the night or as directed by Dr. Alan. (A minimum of 2 hyours suggested.)

Remove tray and rinse off your teeth. Brush any remaining gel away.

Clean whitening tray with a toothbrush and warm water and carefully wife dry. Store in the tray holder.

Use the White Light Smile Shade Guide to determine your progress compared to your original color.

NOTE: Sore throat or nausea may be experienced if excessive gel is swallowed. If you experience discomfort or sensitivity consult me for the next appropriate steps. DO NOT eat, drink or smoke while the whitening tray is in place.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Refrigerate teeth whitening when not in use for more than 2 weeks. Keep away from direct sunlight.


The active ingredient in our tooth whitening system is carbamide peroxide and has been recognized by the FDA for many years as an oral antiseptic and is now used for its superior tooth whitening properties. White Light Smile is avalable in a variety of carbamide peroxide concentrations to whiten even the most difficult stains. We recommend using a 10% carbamide peroxide material in a custom-fitted tray which has become the standard for teeth whitening. This is still one of the safest, most efficacious and cost efficient method. It provides the best ultimate result, with possibly the longest duration, and is easiest for most patients. Higher concentrations of carbamide peroxide produce more sensitivity and have greater rebound to a stable color. They do not appreciably alter the treatment time.


Welcome to White Light Smile – Teeth Whitening

The latest hit in the area of teeth whitening is the teeth whitening White Light smile. The new home teeth whitening kit is an easy to use solution for people that would like to have whiter, healthier- looking and bright smile.

Having a beautiful smile is a must if you want to have a good overall appearance. So taking care of your teeth is essential not only for your health but for our looks as well. As time passes, our teeth turn yellow or gray under the influence of a number of factors such as smoking, eating and drinking certain types of foods and liquids. If you want to enjoy a gorgeous sparkling smile again, you will have to take advantage of a teeth whitening product.

White light smile is the perfect solution if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of strips. A teeth Whitening White Light smile resembles teeth structure to fit on your teeth, but it has a brush in the bottom to help you apply the gel. With White Light Smile there is no mess, as you apply the device directly to your teeth and rinse your mouth after 30 seconds. With the help of this device you will get bright teeth within seconds. Another wonderful feature of the product is that it doesn’t cause any pain or hypersensitivity. This is due to the natural origin of all ingredients.

White Light Smile is a cost-effective solution for people who want to brighten their smile.

white light smile

FDA Approved

White Light Smile is the only FDA approved teeth whitening solution.  Which makes it trust worthy for using without any side effects.


Get the Perfect Teeth Whitening

White Light Smile gives you the perfect smile which you desire within seconds.  This formula is perfect to use at home and gives you the perfect white shine.  White Light smile is available only online and the demand is quite high please hurry up to book your Package.


What causes teeth discoloration?

Staining of the teeth is related to cracks on their surface – the enamel. Substances pass through extremely small cracks and permanently stain the underlying layer called dentin. It is softer and it is more likely to react with molecules that penetrate the enamel. This process leads to a change in the color. Here are some of the reasons why this happens.


Cigarette smoke is rich in substances like nicotine, tar and others that can quickly and easily enter into chemical reactions. The degree of coloring of the teeth is proportional to the duration of smoking. The sooner you quit smoking, the more likely it is to be able to remove the yellowish color of your teeth.

Coffee and other drinks

Coffee, black tea and wine are among the biggest factors responsible for the yellowing and discoloration of the teeth. Again, the duration is essential.

Ice or heat

All conditions that violate the integrity of the outer layer of the teeth can cause staining. The cracks in the enamel appear under the influence of heat or cold. The rapid change in the temperature occurs as a result of consuming too hot or too cold meals and drinks, which leads to the formation of small cracks.

Dental problems

When these cracks occur on the enamel, the bacteria can reach even the inner part of the tooth’s pulp and root. When only one tooth is darkened, probably there is an ongoing inflammatory process. Regular visits to the dentist are needed to avoid such problems.

Poor hygiene

The teeth must be brushed in the morning and in the evening. Poor hygiene creates a perfect environment for the development of microorganisms that cause dental problems.


Some people enjoy a life with healthy and white teeth. On the contrary, others, even without being exposed to risk factors, have many oral problems. This can be explained with heredity.  Teeth that are not predisposed to be healthy simply require more care.

Hard water

Dentin and enamel are actually made of salts. Drinking water contains different substances. Sometimes it is too soft, other times – very hard. In both cases it is harmful for your teeth. It can lead to  thinning of the surface layer of the tooth, which in turn causes yellowing.

Drug effects

Some medications such as antibiotics can cause yellowing of teeth. Before taking any medication, you should be aware of any possible side effects. Some antibiotics can cause substantial staining of the teeth.

Bleeding Gums

Oral problems should not be neglected because they may be more dangerous than you realize. Inflamed  gums, if left untreated, can lead to different complications. Inflammated gums do not always lead to  excessive bleeding, it starts with redness of the gums- usually  a darker shade of red. It is possible to irritate your gums, if you are using a hard bristle toothbrush. It is best to choose a soft one that won’t irritate your gums. Keep in mind that bleeding gums may not necessarily cause pain.

Herbs for bleeding gums

Traditional medicine has found natural remedies to tackle bleeding gums. Here are some of the most popular natural methods to deal with the problem.


The plant is mainly used for its petals and in rare cases for its stems. Take about 20 grams of the herb and pour over with a cup of hot water. After the potion is ready, remove the petals and stems and use it to rinse your mouth. Use this herb to alleviate bleeding gums. This remedy can be  used as a prophylactic against inflammation.


This herb is widely used in the treatment of skin problems. For bleeding gums you need  about 100g. of  sumac leafs. Prepare a potion as explained above and use the potion to gargle. The procedure is done in the morning and evening. If gum bleeding is heavy and occurs during eating a meal, gargling is recommended 3 times a day.


To treat bleeding gums you will need about 10g. dry cornel, it is brewed with 250 ml. boiling water. After cooling the remaining liquid is used to rinse your mouth.



What to avoid having a White Light Smile?

If you have the habit of drinking a cup of   hot coffee or strong tea in the morning, this can harm your pearly White Light Smile. Well, you won’t harm your enamel but you will have to say goodbye to gleaming white teeth. It’s a shame but coffee and tea are among the factors that contribute to  the staining of teeth.

It turns out that black tea and coffee contain tannin that stains tooth enamel. They form a sticky surface on the teeth, which is a magnet for harmful bacteria.

To keep your teeth as white as possible, dentists recommend to get rid of the habit of reaching for coffee every time you feel sleepy.

Sports drinks

Some of the most popular drinks in recent years are considered to be  extremely harmful for the teeth.

U.S. scientists have conducted studies which suggest that sport drinks corrode teeth enamel due to their   high concentration of acids.

Furthermore, these drinks contain a high percentage of sugar, which is food for the development of harmful bacteria in the mouth.



Regular wine consumption can harm tooth enamel.

According to scientists, the acidity of the wine destroys tooth structure and leads to discoloration of the enamel.

To reduce such damage it is better to consume mainly white wine. Try to educe the contact of acid with the enamel as much as possible.

Diet pills

Although these pills may help you lose weight, low quality pills can quickly lead to many complications as gum disease and much more. Diet pills can bring about a lot of dangerous changes in your body, so be extra cautious when using such pills.

Like many drugs, diet pills reduce the secretion of saliva, which is a threat for the health of the entire oral cavity. Saliva neutralizes acids and washes away harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay.

In conclusion, we can say that a balanced diet and regular exercise are the best way to lose weight and protect your smile.

Citrus fruits

Although lemons, grapefruit and citrus juices are not directly responsible for tooth decay, they contain acids which may weaken the enamel. Thin enamel makes teeth susceptible to tooth decay and caries.

After consumption of citrus fruits, you should rinse your mouth with water, or use a sugar-free gum, and if possible – brush your teeth. It is best to drink citrus fruit through a straw to avoid direct contact with teeth.


White Light Smile Solution to All above mentioned


Teeth Whitening Options

Your teeth are a very important matter so when it concerns continuing to keep them beautiful it’s important to choose if you’d prefer dentist administered whitening or to do it yourself. So exactly what is the perfect solution for teeth whitening? Is it over the counter whitening treatments like White Light Smile or dentist supervised tooth whitening?


Over The Counter Teeth Whitening

Over the counter solutions could be effective for some people as it is in the case of White Light Smile. The cost can be a considerable amount cheaper than if you should visit the dentist in order to get teeth whitening done. The over the counter whitening sets generally are a bleach based paste or a whitening dish. The teeth whitening trays can be a bit of a hassle since a lot of them require you to use them 1-2 times day after day for 2 to 3 weeks. For most people this can be frustrating to do however, if they can’t apply it continuously then the sought after results will not materialise. The rapid pastes may help but it is not hard to miss portions of your teeth or to leave odd discolorations all over. Consequently a great deal of men and women simply select dentist supervised whitening.


 Dentist Supervised Teeth Whitening

The preferred method dentists use is through laser treatment. The dentist will do a gentle cleaning on the client’s teeth and then use a peroxide serum to coat the teeth. The dentist then uses argon or often a laser in order to bleach the teeth. Employing the laser treatment is among the priciest of teeth whitening methods. A fairly lower priced method is using the peroxide product onto the teeth but without the laser. This strategy is beneficial however it will take a number of procedures to receive the best outcome.

The teeth whitening techniques supplied by qualified dental consultants usually utilize peroxide, which may be applied by the dentist’s office or at your home. In most cases the teeth whitening treatments that are utilized in dental practices use a much higher concentration of peroxide gel, which varies between say 15 and 30 percent, which is figured out by the dental practitioner for every particular individual. As a result of the increased strength peroxide gel, the client having a teeth whitening treatment requires protection for his or her gums, which will be put on by the dental professional (the gum protection is often a protective gel or rubberized safeguard). Soon after your gums are protected, the dentist will apply the whitening gel onto your teeth then clean the teeth. Subject to the client’s teeth, this process could be used multiple times throughout a singular consultation.


 Repetitive Teeth Whitening

From time to time the dental professional will advise some sort of repeat from home whitening procedure, this will assist the effects of the professionally performed whitening. This process makes use of peroxide solution which has a decreased concentration, between 10 and 20 percent, which is added to a custom-made oral tray made for each patient. The client must use the mouth tray together with the whitening solution for just a few hours on a daily basis (the dental professional will determine for how long precisely to use your dish).

The key benefits of opting for dentist administered teeth whitening is that the dental professional can determine what variety of procedure the person needs (in-office or at-home), the strength regarding hydrogen peroxide in the teeth whitening solution and of course that any in-office tooth whitening is monitored by an expert. The major downside of any in-office whitening is that it will cost far more when compared to the do it yourself whitening products.

If money is an issue and you just worry about seeing a small improvement then visit a drug store and select the ideal treatment available for you. If you can afford it and want much faster and more convenient outcomes then speak to your nearest dentist. It could be a little more pricey however if it truly is effects you want then I would recommend going to a skilled professional. Dentist supervised teeth whitening certainly is the safest and most complete way to ensure that you get your smile exactly the way that you are looking for. If you’ve got the funds to go through teeth whitening then it is absolutely worth it.



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