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neurocetNeurocet has emerged as the latest invention in boosting natural pain killers in your body.  In this modern age many factors like junk foods, stress, pollution has damaged our body’s capability to naturally lower the pain effects.  The latest research has revealed found that Endorphins which is many more times powerful than morphine (a pain killer) can stop pain feelings naturally in our body.  Neurocet contains three main ingredients one of which is called DLPA (DL-phenylalanine) which is a naturally occurring amino acid which helps reducing pain within our body naturally. DLPA boosts the endorphin levels in our brain in a dramatic way and gives us relief from pain.  It actually blocks the pain impulses and gives you a relaxed feeling.

Continue reading this article to know the benefits, side effects and working of Neurocet.

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Benefits of Neurcet

  • Relief from ache and soreness
  • Lower level of stiffness
  • Greater mobility
  • More flexibility
  • Healthier cartilages
  • Decreased in capacity of inflammation
  • More relaxed muscles
  • 40% reduction of overall pain feeling within first 30 days


How Does Neurocet Work?

Neurocet uses a powerful 3 in One natural formula that works in sync to provide arthritis and joint pain relief. This formula has a 3 point action

Natural Pain Killer: This uses a natural organic approach to ease joint pains

Anti-inflammatory Action: This provides relief to the inflamed and tender joints

Immunity Booster : This works to boost your natural immune system, which helps prevent advanced stage of the disease.

In simple words Neurocet, with its rapid absorption, increases your joint flexibility to a great extent and also reduces joint pain.

Neurocet contains natural ingredients like DLPA which is a naturally occurring amino acid in our brain responsible for blocking pain impulses.  Neurocet naturally boosts the DL-phenylalanine levels in our brain which works to block the pain feelings and gives you a quick relief from pain.

Neurocet also contains ApresFlex which is much more power full than Boswellia.  Apresflex is more easily absorbable in the body which gives you a quick pain relief.


The ingredients in Neurocet have all been chosen to work in harmony with one another and are specifically designed for arthritis pain relief. Being natural it has all the benefits and effectiveness of Anti-inflammatories, with the no long term penalty.

  • FruiteX-B

This balances your immune system and is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Neurocet uses a natural extract, that is upto 75 times stronger in action than the original form.

  • ApresFlex

ApresFlex in Neurocet is used to magnify the absorption level of the other ingredients. It also stimulates blood flow.

  • DLPA

One of the main ingredients of Neurocet helps boosting endorphin which ultimately blocks pain impulses from your brain.

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Neurocet Supplement Facts

Neurcent supplement is available in capsule form.  Each capsule contains the following amount of ingredients.

  • FruiteX-B  – 200mg
  • DL-phenylalanine – 100mg
  • ApresFlex or Boswellia Gum Extract – 100mg

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of Neurocet is one capsule every day.

Are There Any Side Effects

Neurocet provides excellent arthritis pain relief and joint relief without the dangerous side effects generally associated with pain relief products.

Neurocet is a clinically tested natural arthritis and joint pain reliever. It contains 100 per cent normal ingredients and is in general safe to use.

You may feel what is known as a ‘healing response’ in the first few weeks of using Neurocet. This varies from individual to individual but can include itching and red pimple-like dots on the skin, headache, dizziness, a temporary rise in blood pressure and diarrhea. This is usually while your body is cleaning out the toxins that have stored and will stop once your body has become used to the Neurocet.

What Exactly is Neurocet

For those who have pain as a constant companion, Neurocet is a true help, being 100% natural. It is available as an over-the-counter (OTC) remedy, and has been found to be virtually side effect free and has good tolerance levels. Neurocet is a natural pain relief remedy, FDA registered as a natural pain relief product. Neurocet is a very unique system of medicine because the ingredients are used at levels that are usually implicit to be non-toxic, with no negative side effects.

Neurocet works by reducing the production of compounds that cause inflammation, aches and pains. It helps relax the muscles and reduces the swelling.

Neurocet is a very effective anti-inflammatory medication. It acts as an effective lubricant for your joints and tissues. For Anti aging related issues you should also read our article on Vitapulse.

Neurocet is the best medication for symptoms like:


Neck Aches


Lower Back Pain



Stiff Joints

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Muscle and Joint Pain


Pinched Nerves & Sprains


Where Can You Get Neurocet

Neurocet is available only from its official website. Beware of fakes and imitations. Buy only from the official website online.


Natural Arthritis Pain Remedies

Neurocet can ease your arthritis symptoms without side effects or prescriptions and are readily available, generally at low or moderate cost. Pain, stiffness, stress, anxiety and depression can be alleviated, and the quality of your life in general can be significantly improved through Neurocet.

Although most kinds of arthritis cannot be cured, when you take good care of your general health by Neurocet you can greatly reduce the pain and swelling that is part of the illness. Being able to take control of you own health also is a very good way to fight depression and feel more secure. Many arthritis natural treatment modalities are available, and most are easy to access and perfectly safe.

When it seems like you’ve come to the end of what conventional medicine has to offer and you’re still suffering from arthritis and swelling, taking advantage of Neurocet can make an enormous difference in your general outlook. Some of the most effective natural arthritis pain relief remedies are also the most ancient and most straightforward.

Natural remedies for arthritis such as

healthy diet (with lots of high-antioxidant fresh fruits and vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids);

mild stretching and gentle exercise routines (such as those found in yoga and tai chi);

natural supplements like vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, chondroitin, ginger, garlic;

various other nonprescription herbal supplements;

can all improve your mood, lessen your pain, and make you feel more in control of your life and more connected to other people.

Natural arthritis pain relief is such a vast subject that the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming. How can anyone choose what to try next when faced with thousands of alternative treatments and myriad nontraditional claims for arthritis natural treatment?

It helps to have a guide, which is why this web site was created: To help arthritis sufferers sort through the daunting pile of facts and possibilities and come up with natural remedies for arthritis tailor-made for their own unique situations.

We aim to provide high quality information about arthritis in general, and common-sense information about Neurocet. We hope to be a common-sense guide for arthritis sufferers exploring alternatives, taking you through the maze of the most-used arthritis natural treatments and helping you to craft a personal plan that leaves you feeling more in control of your disease.

No matter what your personal situation or what phase of your illness you are currently facing, we can guide you toward natural arthritis pain solutions that will help your lead a more normal, happy, pain-free life



What is arthritis?

What is arthritis? Although many people assume that arthritis is the name given to the normal aches and pains that come with aging, arthritis is actually a cluster of diseases that affect the bones and joints of the human body. Many different types of arthritis exist, and different types of arthritis come with a wide variety of different symptoms and require different forms of treatment. Early detection is important in most forms in order to prevent permanent damage, so in no case should arthritis or the suspicion of it be considered ‘normal’. A good early diagnosis is critical to a good lasting quality of life. More than 100 separate medical conditions fall under the heading ‘Types of Arthritis’, but all these arthritis types affect the musculoskeletal system and specifically the joints: the point at which the bones in the body meet. Nearly 46 million adults and over 300,000 children suffer from one or more of these types of arthritis.

Arthritis symptoms include pain, inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joints, damage to the surrounding tissues (sometimes permanent), stiffness, and sometimes fever. Some types of arthritis are systemic and include a broad range of symptoms that can affect every system in the body including the heart, skin, blood vessels, lungs, musculature, and nerves. Arthritis and related types of arthritis that present as systemic conditions are a major cause of disability in the United States. According to the Arthritis Foundation, over $124 billion is spent each year on medical care and indirect consequences of arthritis-induced disability such as lost wages, lost production, and necessary daily living assistance for those with advanced forms of the illness. Since many types of arthritis become more severe with age, the impact of arthritis on the general health and well-being of the U.S. is likely to become even more intense as the bulk of the population gets older in coming years.

Main arthritis types


By far the most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is most prevalent in patients over the age of 60, and is caused by a breakdown in the natural cushion surrounding the joints, causing bones to rub together painfully where they connect. Osteoarthritis most commonly shows up in weight-bearing areas such as the spine, hips, knees, base of the thumbs, and feet. While many people assume osteoarthritis is a normal part of aging, it is not. Many factors affect whether osteoarthritis will hit a given individual, including heredity, age, gender, lifestyle, and weight.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is the most common systemic type of arthritis, affecting roughly 1% of the population. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune system inflammatory disease. RA suffers can experience inflammation of their joints, lungs, and even their heart, as well as fever, skin rashes, and progressively more serious bone deformities. RA does the most damage in the first year it hits, so early diagnosis is critical to controlling the disease. Untreated RA can shorten a person’s lifespan by as much as 18 years, and can result in crippling bone deformities that make normal functioning difficult.

Other types of arthritis

Other types of arthritis, while less common, are often not understood by the general public to be related to arthritis at all, though they certainly are. Some of these rarer types of arthritis include:

Ankylosing spondylitis (inflammation of the spine and sacroiliac joints that presents as lower back pain).

Fibromyalgia(a type of arthritis that hits the soft tissues more than the bones).

Gout (extreme pain in the small joints of the toes and fingers caused by mineral deposits).

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Lupus (another autoimmune disease which often presents as a ‘butterfly rash’across the face with general weakness and fever).

Lyme disease (an infectious type of arthritis initiated by a deer tick bite).

Palindromic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis

Septic arthritis or infectious arthritis

The good news is that all types of arthritis symptoms are treatable and early diagnosis and aggressive lifestyle changes can have a dramatically positive effect. As is true in so many areas of life, knowledge and preemptive actions can make all the difference in length and quality of life, no matter what the diagnosis. Today, a diagnosis of arthritis is a challenge, but plentiful resources are available for coping and living well with the disease, one day at a time.


Neurocet Natural Treatment

When it comes to the herbal or natural treatment of arthritis, one of the common issues is that not all supplements address all the major problems of arthritis. With Neurocet, however, testimonials and users’ experiences show that most of the arthritis sufferers were able to get rapid and yet sustained relief from all of the (including the three classic) symptoms within few days and yet, without having any significant side effects or complications.


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