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Max Synapse

max synapseMemory Boost with Max Synapse
Increase memory and reaction time,improve mental performance.
Enhance mental clarity, slow brain aging
Stimulate central nervous system
Deter degenerative age related diseases such as dementia and senility
Similar to Piracetam, but due to its fat solubility its effects last longer and are far more potent.

Helps increase communication between your left and right sides of the brain, resulting in improved creatively, perception, and more.

Has a more potent AMPA receptor enhancing effect than Piracetam, resulting in better focus and concentration.

Been reported to be the best Racetam for anti-anxiety effects


When I review nootropics, I make sure I abstain from all other nootropics for about one week. This is so I don’t get conflicting feedback when I begin the trial. I also detox my system before I start. This gives me the best ability to feel the difference and to be aware of the mind and body changes which I observe.

The first thing I always look for is which nootropics and cognitive enhancers are actually used in the stack. A nootropic stack is a combination of several nootropic supplements aimed at giving a synergistic all round beneficial effect for optimal cognitive functioning.

These reviews will give you a firsthand idea of what to expect if you decide to purchase any of these nootropics. Keep in mind however, people do have different experiences and results can be varied. I only want to give my readers the best perspective for making their own decision.

max synapse

Max Synapse Review:

I recently had the opportunity to trial the loading phase of Max Synapse. A new nootropic stack on the market. Nootropic stacks are always a great way to get the advertised benefits of nootropics, especially if they are presented and sold as a ready to go serving by the manufacturer.

I have been able to get a special discount for my readers if they are interested in purchasing Max Synapse.

Th types of nootropics which are included in the Max Synapse stack are some of the best performing brain supplements on the market. Each nootropic has specific cognitive effects and will give your brain the essential nutrients it needs. The supplements come in easy to swallow tablet and capsule form.

The Max Synapse loading phase I trialed consisted of five days with a morning and an evening serving. Each serve comes in a convenient easy to open packet labelled AM and PM. Instructions are straight forward and the daily process was very simple for me to integrate into my lifestyle.

I did not notice any side effects such as nausea or antsiness during the trial. Some nootropic stack have caffeine added; this can sometimes give a feeling of overwhelm or anxiety. Thankfully Max Synapse is caffeine free. What I did notice was a more clear ability to be in the present moment. This actually allowed me to be more aware of my breathing, which in turn allowed me to breath deeper instead of unconscious shallow breathing. This obviously helped me feel more calm and relaxed.

Other effects I noticed were the subtle lifting of depression and dwelling states. I was able to move on and get over things quicker. I guess I felt my mind was more free and not caught up with inner self talk. So, a sense of serenity and clear mindedness is another observation. Even though this trial of Max Synapse was only five days and the benefits were on a minor level, I am quite certain that with longer use coupled with exercise and nutrition, the beneficial effects would be much greater.

The cost of Max Synapse is a little pricey but considering the convenience of one easy to use packet twice a day and an all round cognitive enhancing stack; you more than likely wouldn’t need to buy any other brain supplements. Savings are increased per month if purchased as a twelve month subscription as opposed to a one off monthly purchase.

In conclusion, with my trial experience of Max Synapse – I believe it to be an investment well worth it. These days we all need as much advantage as possible and the health of our cognitive functioning needs to be at the forefront of all success in our lives. So, I am sure having Max Synapse in your budget as part of your lifestyle will help you reap rewards in every area of your life.

If you are interested in purchasing Max Synapse, their website has all the information and answers to your questions. The team at Max Synapse are professional and genuinely care for your cognitive well being.

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Max Synapse Benefits

Max Synapse is regarded by traditional herbalists as being an excellent nootropic capable of enhancing memory and concentration. For this reason it is an ingredient in many energy drinks the world over.


The Science of Max Synapse

The science around Max Synapse’s effects is murky however. Some studies indicate that it does indeed possess nootropic abilities, others assert that it has little to no effect on human cognitive abilities. Studies have been conducted to determine whether or not Max Synapse could be useful in combating Alzheimer’s, and in 2004 conference papers were released which referenced trials indicating that Max Synapse may have some potential to aid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s. In 2008 another study concluded that Max Synapse had no effect on existing dementia, however.

Of the studies which have returned positive results it would seem that Max Synapse has two potential mechanisms of action:


Increasing blood flow

Protection against free radicals (ionized agents which attack healthy brain matter and destroy the cells, slowly robbing a person of their cognitive abilities.)

Blockage of platelet activating factors (ie, the agents which cause blood clots).


Improves Focus Memory and Reaction Time

max synapseMax Synapse is a performance product scientifically engineered to quickly increase focus, memory, and reaction time. We’ve merged some of the best brain enhancing ingredients for our formula and combined this with a rigorously strict manufacturing process.

Active compounds in Max Synapse complex are supported by clinical trails and have been cited in over 4,000 scientific studies. Just 1 of the active components alone has demonstrated in clinical studies to enhance retention of new information, Improve learning rate, and memory.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Max Synapse is used by Students for its accelerated learning capabilities, Business Professionals because of its ability to enhance focus and alertness, and Athletes for its dramatic effects on reaction speed and muscular contraction. Its the only brain supplement in the market to have a 110% money back guarantee.

We are always competing against someone else in every day life weather you notice it or not. Maybe its for that job, promotion, or a game. Wouldn’t you like to have a competitive edge on the rest? No matter what your profession is Max Synapse can give you the Ultimate Edge to help you be the best at what you do. Just imagine being able to think more clearly, focus more on tasks, and having better memory. Its your brain just better, Max Synapse has components that can thrust your thinking to the next level.


Why You Should Try Max Synapse

  1. Max Synapse is the only cognitive performance enhancer with a 110% money-back guarantee. We are so sure that you will love Max Synapse that we are willing to put our money and company’s success on the line.
  2. Just 1 of the 8 active ingredients in Max Synapse has been shown in clinical trials to significantly increase retention of new material learned.
  3. We used 8 of the most researched powerful brain enhancers in the world, and combined them into Max Synapse.
  4. Max Synapse has been used by professionals, students, and athletes who have all seen real improvement in their performance.
  5. Clinical research and years of manufacturing experience have combined for the first time to create the most effective and science-driven brain health supplement in existence.

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