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Inteligen Advanced Brain Formula  | Does it Work or a Scam!

Inteligen Advanced Brain Formula is 100% safe to use and does not carry any side effects.  Its a legitimate brain booster supplement which helps you improving your brain performance.

Why Inteligen?

inteligen advanced brain formulaInteligen is actually a memory booster that targets the brain and nourishes it to improve concentration, motivation and keeps the mind positive. By improve the cognitive ability; it also gives rise to the brain’s capacity to remember information.

Cognitive enhancers have become very popular in recent years due to their success in improving overall brain health and functionality. Everyone from young adults to seniors have experienced firsthand, the benefits of a quality brain health supplement. Research suggests that these may be the key to restoring and preserving a young and healthy mind.

University studies conducted on individuals in the age range of 20–65 have shown quality cognitive enhancers to develop memory, mood & demanor, attention span, overall mental clarity, and focus & concentration. These studies are beginning to prove wrong the common belief that brain ageing was irreversible and inevitable. This is giving new hope to those of all ages that you can maintain and restore a healthy mind.

Based on 20+ years of experimentation, backed by scientific research


Memory Enhancer

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an ingredient that promotes activity in cholinergic neurons, supports membrane stabilization, and enhances mitochondrial function. These are all vital in maintaining a strong memory and may be beneficial in treating dementia.

Mood Enhancer

St. John’s Wort, also known as hypericum, has been used for centuries in treating individuals with depression and as a mood booster. Countless studies have been completed over the years and St. John’s Wort still remains as a safe alternative to anti-depressants.

Improve Focus

Clinical research has shown Inteligen to improve focus and thinking ability in both the young and the old. Speed of mental processing has improved in individuals of almost all ages when taking Inteligen for an extended period of time.

Supporting Neurotransmitters

Thinking involves firing of neurons which requires neurotransmitters. While neurotransmitters are reusable they do get washed-out. Exhausting neurotransmitters results into lessened mental capacity including lower concentration, moderated thinking, impeded review and mental weakness. Keeping up neurotransmitters will have the inverse impact expanding cerebrum execution and focus.


Cholinergics are substances fit for influencing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine encourages memory arrangement and learning. The objective is to raise acetylcholine levels. Cholinergic nootropics include acetylcholine precursors and inhibitors of the enzyme that breakdown acetylcholine (acetylcholinesterase).

 inteligen advanced brain formula

ADHD Treatment with Inteligen

ADHD is a serious learning disability that can greatly interfere with a person’s quality of life. Scientists are working hard on finding a cure for ADHD but they still have a ways to go. Inteligen is a drug that some people have tried to use to treat their ADHD with some success.

An Inteligen ADHD cure is a possibility and many people have found that using Inteligen helps that manage their ADHD symptoms. Inteligen is a drug that was originally formulated to help people who struggled with depression. It is also often prescribed to elderly patients to boost their energy and help them maintain their mobility. The use of Inteligen is widespread throughout Europe, namely France. The use of the Inteligen has not caught on here in the United States but it will eventually as more and more people are becoming aware of it.

Inteligen has a chemical compound similar to Provigil, which is used often in the United States to treat ADHD. Inteligen metabolizes in the body slightly differently than Provigil so some people have found it better when it comes to treating their ADHD. Inteligen also has the benefit of being substantially less expensive of a prescription that Provigil is. Sometimes, it costs up to 75% less which makes a huge difference for people, particularly those ADHD sufferers without health insurance.

More and more research is being done on the Inteligen ADHD cure and treatment possibilities and many people have come forward to say that the drug has been working for them. There have been reports that Inteligen does not reduce the appetite the way other ADHD drugs do. People taking the drug still eat normally. Other people have reported that the drug does not cause them to feel jittery the way many ADHD treatments sometimes do. There is a calm energy as opposed to a rushed, manic energy.

One of the benefits of Inteligen that many ADHD sufferers are reporting is the fact that after they take it, they have enough energy and focus to get through the day and yet they are still able to fall asleep easily at night. One of the worst things about ADHD is having energy and motivation when you don’t need to have it. Many people have reported that Inteligen helps this.

There is a lot of evidence out there that an Inteligen  ADHD cure is possible and many people have been using the drug successfully. If current ADHD treatments are not working, people would be well advised to consider trying Inteligen.

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11 Key Things Inteligen  Will Help You With

  1. Increases your memory and ability to recall things easily
  2. Increases your long term memory capacity
  3. Helps you sleep better by promoting REM sleep phases
  4. Helps your body to normalize sleep patterns
  5. Gives you an anergy ‘buzz’ that is more intense than caffeine
  6. Increases your artistic productivity by promoting activity in special brain areas
  7. Increases cerebral blood flood which leads to better alertness
  8. Studies show that long term intake of nootropics can prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  9. Increases the health of your brain by promoting the creation of new synapses
  10. Helps your body regulate the cortisol production (stress hormone) which leads to better focus and increased performance under stress
  11. The mood enhancing function can prevent light depression and anxiety symptoms

My Personal Experience with Inteligen

Personally, I like to merge into the program and started with the minimum daily recommendation of 2 pills, one in the morning and one at supper, with food. I did this for one week and although the changes were small, I did notice a clarity in my thoughts and how I was formulating sentences.

By the second week I had started 1 pill in the morning, 1 pill at lunch and 1 pill at supper, again all with food. I let it ride for another week and was really impressed with my thought process and better attention to detail, which I needed badly. As a marketer working from home distractions come fast and furious but Inteligen helped me prioritize my tasks and take action.

I didn’t see too much of a difference in my dreams other than I felt I remembered more bits of them, but nothing too noticeable.

So, now I’m on my forth week and maintained my regular week 2 dosage and I’m very happy with the Inteligen product. It seems like I’ve gotten so much work completed over the past month, I hit all my work targets and kept up with the kids plans. But for you golfers out there who had issues concentrating for the 30 seconds you need to hit your shot, this might be your answer. I found myself really focused on my shot and the results show, dropping 2 strokes off my index in the first month. That’s right, toss the golf aids and mind numbing golf DVDs and start getting your brain in the game to improve each round, it works great!

Over the past month I have also started to see more changes in my sleep with me being more cognizant of my dreams, remembering more details of each and slowly starting to get more vivid. Best of all, Inteligen absolutely has no side effects as far as I’m concerned, just a great natural product that does what it says.


Would I Recommend using it?

I would come home, put my files in my cupboard and then often forget about them. My husband used to remind me every morning to carry my car keys. Sometimes, I would eat and forget that I ate. No, it wasn’t Alzheimer’s! It was my degrading brain capacity due to age and damaging factors like stress, poor diet etc.

inteligen advanced brain formula

Answers to your questions

Is Inteligen a drug? Is it illegal?

That’s one of the most asked questions. Inteligen is not a drug and every single ingredient was approved before putting it on the market. There are no known side effects and it can be used by anybody. Unless other products there is no danger of getting addicted to it.

How does Inteligen work?

Portrayals of what every fixing does are situated on our fixings page. In any case, to put it plainly, Inteligen enhances intellectual competence by expanding blood stream to the cerebrum to build supplements, fortifying the focal sensory system for vitality and mental readiness, and keeps free radicals from destroying devastation on neural pathways.

When should I take Inteligen?

You should take Inteligen whenever you need to increase your mental performance. Most people use it in the morning to get a productive start. Also a lot of people use it in the afternoon to get rid of the ‘afternoon gap’ that usually hits in between 4 and 5pm.

How much should I take?

Start with 1 and work your way up to 2 if you can handle it. Never take more than 4 in a day or 16 in a week. Taking a day or two off will keep the effects fresh and more effective.

Are there known side effects?

As with all supplements, side effects are possible. The nature of a supplement is to give the body characteristic supplements or to upgrade common procedures. Hence, negative reactions are uncommon. Be that as it may, because of the expanded stream of blood and supplements to the mind, this supplement can instigate or fortify cerebral pains. In exceptionally uncommon occasions, such supplements may bring about queasiness, nerves, craving concealment, sorrow (albeit against dejection is regular also). Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician before use.

How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?

The effect will usually hit in after 30 minutes of taking Inteligen. You can accelerate the effect if you take Inteligen with a glass of water on an empty stomach.

The worst frustrating thing other than forgetting your car keys every day at home while you rush for your office is the realization that it happens every day! I can relate to that pain, the frustration. However, lately, I have been a little less of that drama and thanks to Inteligen. Find out about my miraculous memory formula here.

What are the Ingredients?

It contains only tested and proven natural ingredients that form a cognitive blend. You can check the label for ingredients names and listing of dosage.

Does Inteligen Work?

The cognitive blend provides nourishment to the brain cells that grow intact and healthy. It also relieves the mind of the stress and provides rejuvenation ability to the brain cells due to which they operate faster and better than before. Through healthy nourishment and antioxidants supply, it also wards off the damage that free radical cells cause. Due to this, the brain grows active, finds it easy to concentrate and stays positive.

This supplement helped me in managing all those problems. In fact, I would say it is the reason that I still have my life together. I don’t forget about the minor things anymore and find it quite easy to multi-task things well like I used to when I was in high school. I concentrate better now and feel quite positive.

What are the Pros?

It is a natural product and the best part is that it is not a prescription drug. I visited a neurologist for my problem but discontinued the sessions because I supposed to take prescription meds. In the short run, it went well but after 5 months, I began to see the side effects.

But with this supplement, this is not the issue because it is a dietary supplement, not a medicine. Besides, it is quite safe to use and made with certified ingredients that are natural.


Inteligen Review Conclusion

I can honestly say that the Inteligen product works great for me, it has given me the focus and clarity I was looking for to be organized and productive. It clearly works on all aspects of your life so it helps you stop stressing about the small stuff and focusing on what you need to do to move forward. It’s important to realize that each person will have different results, so keep that in mind, but for everyone I’ve talked to, and especially myself, it has helped a lot and with no side effects. This is clinically proven and comes with a 3 month guarantee so you’re protected even if you just wanted to try it out.

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