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Holistic Approach to Fast & Healthy Weight Loss

Hello friends. I hope these days have passed in happiness and joy. How are you? Feeling fit and fine? Well, in that case, the whole idea about having this blog would work.

Well, this is probably the last post in the series where we saw how to approach fast and healthy weight loss regime in a holistic way, that prevents us from falling prey to the side effects of weight loss, which is unnatural and faster than the body could accept. We will surely bring more to ensure that weight loss does not hamper us in any other way, other than reducing our weight.

After all that has been said and done, one important thing to be mentioned is that whatever happens, we should not skip our breakfast! Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day. And preferably, we should eat as much as our heart wants at this time of the day, while we are in a weight loss regime, than any other meals, like lunch and dinner.

It is also recommended that eating several small meals throughout the day would certainly help in the food breakdown that happens within, called metabolism. Eating fruits and various types of cereals during these small meals is a healthy option, which is again, rich in fiber.


Losing an extra bit of weight

Take as many meals as you want in a day, but remember to eat less and eat slow during these multiple meals. It is always better to take smaller bites. Many people place the fork on the plate time and again, after each bite which allows them to take small quantity of food at a time. Eating slowly makes the stomach feel that it is already full and doing this, you might end up eating less.

Drink water! Ensure that you drink more water when you are trying to lose weight faster. Water helps you to feel full for a longer time and most importantly, avoids dehydration. Dehydration may feel like hunger and often, we end up eating more due to this. So, drink water, in small portions for more times during the day.

Drink water and avoid drinking soda or aerated drinks. This way one can cut several hundreds of unwanted and unnecessary calories from the diet.


That is all that we have for you in this series of holistic approach to a fast and healthy weight loss program. I am sure the information provided in the six posts in this series would help you to define your line of attack while going for a fast and healthy weight loss program. Apart from the eating habits, there are certain other things that might help you to login and stick to the weight loss program that you have in mind. Buying low-fat recipe books and food journals and keeping a tab on what you are cooking will help a lot! Also remember, two is company. Get along with a partner who wants to lose weight too and help each other to achieve your common goal – that helps!

So, striving to achieve this single goal of us, we would talk about our eating habits, today. Eating habits control our body mass composition and our overall fitness. What we eat determines whether we would grow fatter or leaner. We should know what we should eat and also, what we should not eat. Doctors, especially the dieticians would tell you what, how much and when to eat. Here are a few tips regarding this.


Meat and Meat Products Contain Fat

We should replace white bread in our diet with whole grain bread. Or if you are fond of eating rice and not bread, like most of the Indians do, eat brown rice and not white rice, which would contain lesser fiber than the former. Fiber, which helps in the excretion process in our body, is much important for all of us.

Similarly, we should take care of our intake of fat that comes from meat, fish and similar meat products. When we eat meat, we should try to take the leaner factors containing lesser fat, like chicken breast, salmon, duck, turkey and egg whites. This way, we can reduce the intake of calories and fat. Furthermore, by grilling or broiling meat and meat products, we can make it leaner and healthier.


Grilled Food Items can be either veg or non-veg

Like grilling and broiling, we should switch to healthy cooking alternatives too. In the market, there are various kinds of cooking oil that we find and various people and sects like to use various kinds of oils while cooking at home. While some like mustard oil, others would like coconut oil for cooking. By far, olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils that we can use while cooking food at home. Still, the best way is to switch to a cooking spray which, without any doubt, would reduce more of fat and calories.

Hope this would help you decide and take one more step towards fast weight loss programs that you follow. A holistic approach would always help to get you stronger, fitter and healthier.

We cannot have a holistic approach towards losing weight without understanding the importance of fruits in our diet and including a few of them in it. In the last article in this series, we have talked about vegetables and we have seen how they help us in controlling our intake of calorie by preventing us from eating high-fat food items. In this article, we will see how fruits would impact our diet and fight towards fast weight loss.


fruit healthy fast weight loss salad juice

Fresh cut fruit salad

Fruits in general contain huge amount of water in them, apart from fiber and vitamins. Fiber, in general, helps us to maintain our body metabolism and help in clearing the bowel. Vitamins are vital for our body and form critical part of daily nutrition. Vitamins help us absorb the food that we eat or drink and also protect our skin and organs from various internal and external factors. This is how fruits containing fiber and vitamins are so helpful to us. However, the bulk content in any fruit is water which helps us in cleansing our organs – both internally and externally, and keeping us free of accumulated foreign bodies. This is one of the reasons that doctors recommend you to have at least 6 to 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.

Fruits have been always a part of a healthy weight-loss diet. The grapefruit in particular has found its importance in a diet made to propel weight loss. Besides, it contains Vitamin C in abundance which helps us to maintain healthy teeth and eyes. We should prepare a diet for us in such way that we have at least three servings of fruit daily. When talking about servings, it is not necessary to have only one kind of fruit each time; rather, it is recommended that we consume various types of fruits together to maintain a balance of various nutrients that are required by the body. Mixed fruit juices are also very helpful.


Fruit juices help in fast weight loss

Do you like sweets very much? Well, sweets are potential careers of high doses of calories. Sweets, made from milk and sugar, contain high-fat ingredients too, like butter, oil, yogurts etc. which only add up to our calorie intake. Fruits would help there too. Fruits, naturally, are sweet to taste and we can easily replace sweets in our desserts with cut fruits. Many of our readers have switched to a bowl of cut fruits spilled with a spoonful of honey after dinner and stopped taking ice-cream or sweets made from milk and syrup. They often consider this as one of the best steps they took towards holistic approach to fast and healthy weight loss.

Please include lot of fruits in your daily diet and you should be on your way to lose some of those flabs and extra pounds that you have acquired over the last few years. Remember to have at least three servings a day. You can easily make fruits or fruit juices a large part in your breakfast, evening snack and dinner. Just follow this for about a month or two and I am sure you will feel the difference. Let us know if that helps. Your feedbacks, in the form of comments in this blog motivate us to write and contribute more.

Being active, fresh and fit is the notion of the nation now! When I say, ‘Notion of the Nation,’ what I mean is that everyone around you and me are trying to be fit and fresh. This is also required to have a healthy mind and body. A fresh mind would surely be more innovative, descriptive and creative. And exercising regularly coupled with a diet with low fat containing food items will keep you fresh, fit and active all through the day.

So, we are now exercising regularly, at least about 30 minutes a day; and we have incorporated weightlifting also in that 30 minutes. Then, we have reduced our intake of high-fat food items. So, what next? If we stop eating high-fat items, that we love so much, what should we be eating now?

Let me tell you, there is a huge list of items that we can take. I know most of the children will shrink their noses when I take the names of low-fat and ideal food items that we should eat; but, it is very important that we maintain a low fat diet while we exercise to cause a fast weight loss. We should eat lots of green vegetables like salad greens, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, carrots and peppers and similar kind of other vegetables. These food items are not only low in calories but also they can help us control our craving for high-fat food items.


Vegetables are very good source of low-fat food items in your diet

You might be thinking how these vegetables would prevent you from eating those high-fat food items that you love so much, right? Green vegetables are one of the most important sources of low-fat nutrition that our body would need. When taken at regular intervals, they will not let your stomach get empty and you may not feel like eating anything else.

That was a secret, wasn’t it? Well, try incorporating these food items more into your daily diet and I am sure this will help you losing weight much faster and in a healthy way.

Weight loss is a major concern in today’s world and we are forced to write more on this topic. As I mentioned in the previous post, the readers of Health and Fitness often ask me to publish more on weight loss programs, fat loss techniques and methods to impact fast weight loss. So, let us look at a holistic approach towards achieving weight loss. This post might get too long, as I need to cover so many things to do justice with this post. However, if it goes beyond a certain length, I will try to segregate the post and publish them in parts. Hope this would be just fine for you.

To obtain a fit and healthy body and get rid of all the excess fat, we need to adhere to a holistic approach towards weight loss. In the present world, we need to also ensure that the methods or techniques that we take are also fast and healthy and have no side effects. I will discuss about a long list of things that I know and I am sure of that effects fast and healthy weight loss. Let’s see what are the various things that we need to do to get rid of the fat stored in our body and maintain the body to keep it fit and in shape.

The very first thing that comes to my mind when I think about losing weight is exercise. Exercise, coupled with a good diet would do wonders. Many of my friends and relatives who are fit and fine have only followed these two things religiously. They would not go for anything else to keep themselves fit. Trust me, a good exercise regime along with a healthy diet having fewer saturated fat content and containing less calories can keep you healthy, wealthy and fit.


Jogging, exercise, weight loss, fat loss, health

Jogging to keep fit

Many people keep their body fit doing mere cardiovascular exercises, such as jogging, swimming, simple and slow walking or even cycling for about 5 or 6 days a week. These exercises are great ways of burning the calories we accumulate from our daily diet. Apart from the number of days you exercise, it also depends on the duration that you perform these exercises. I would recommend trying and exercising for 30 minutes at least every day or breaking it up into smaller sessions – 3 sessions of 10 minute each over the course of the entire day would also do good to you and your body.

I wish you all the best from my end and I am sure you will succeed in losing weight. If Tom, Dick and Harry could do it, why can’t we lose some weight? A little bit of mental strength and a couple of good habits can make that happen, which might look, at this point in time, highly impossible to you. All the best!


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